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Command Line File Handling and ASCII Tools

Christian Engström
Christian Engström

Welcome to Glindra!

VMS-inspired File Handling

The Glindra file handling utilities are a set of command line programs for Windows, that correspond to the OpenVMS commands directory, copy, rename, delete, and purge.

The directory command can produce overviews of disk file usage at any given resolution.

The rename command has options for cleaning up filenames that contain illegal characters.

All the Glindra programs support file version numbers and the ***\ directory wildcard (meaning all subdirectories), much like in VMS.

Other aspects, such as option names that can be truncated as long as they are unique, and suboptions within parentheses, are also inspired by VMS.

The utilities are not an attempt to emulate VMS exactly, however, but an independent design that is based on principles that I happened to like when I came across them under VMS.

The se utility searches for strings or regular expressions in one or more files, and corresponds to the OpenVMS command search or Unix grep. The character classes for regular expressions are defined according to the full 8-bit Latin-1 character set ISO8859-1, rather than just for 7-bit ASCII.

The filter command maps or removes 8-bit characters according to user defined character maps, converts to upper or lower case, and/or trims or collapses blanks.

The ASCII tools accept the same wildcards and file selection options as the file handling utilities, and use file version version numbers instead of overwriting existing files.

Documentation Online

The documentation is available online at, so you can browse it before deciding if you want to download the utilities and try them out.

Open Source

The programs are Open Source and licensed under LGPL, so you can use them for both commercial and other purposes.

The documentation is licensed under a Creative Commons License.


File Handling Utilities
Directory command, corresponding to dir or ls. Can also produce overviews and summaries of disk file usage.
cop Copy command, for copying files.
rena Renames files, or moves them between directories on the same device.
dele Deletes files.
pu "Purge", deletes obsolete file versions.
Searches for strings or regular expressions.
Maps characters, converts to upper/lower case, trims blanks etc.